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Project House @ 1QRW

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Project Background & Inspiration

Located in the heart of Sheung Wan, Yau Kee Hop is a century-old, privately-owned Grade 3 historical building; the owner, decided to lend the building to One Bite Social for free to convert the space into a pop-up community space.

For One Bite, this project is a continuation of its Project House initiative, in which vacant stores were activated as pop-up spaces for communal events; with the belief that the community has much evolved after COVID-19, One Bite hopes to leverage this opportunity as a community “pulse check” to (re)discover what the community desires and needs

What happened in the project?

One Bite Social has engaged Caritas as the anchor community partner as it has

multiple community centres around the area; the One Bite team then designed

programmes based on frontline insights that Caritas shared, and reached out to other local partners to organise various types of activities, such as:

Kindness Hour: a communal space for residents and workers to enjoy lunch bought from nearby takeaway eateries

Sheungwanese Shelf: selling products from fellow local stores in Sheung Wan, for

example, books from Mount Zero Books

Workshops and events, such as community stitch, movie screening, and music shows etc.

Project Period

July 2023 - ongoing


Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Project Lead

One Bite Social

Project Impact in Numbers

Project Gallery

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