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Via North Point

Project Category

Project Background & Inspiration

In light of rapid urban renewal, the project aims to connect and inspire the community to reimagine and envision a better use of public space while celebrating the neighbourhood’s rich history.

The project was funded by the Urban Renewal Fund, a fund endowed by the Urban Renewal Authority to support the operation of social service teams to provide assistance to residents affected by urban redevelopment.

What happened in the project?

Urban Design Lab engaging design students, professionals, and local residents to better understand their community and its needs and co-create design prototypes to improve neighbourhood spaces.

Creative Community Space to engage artists and designers in improving urban spaces in North Point while responding to its culture and community needs.

Via North Point Festival to engage the public in celebrating the scene and culture of North Point, including an art market, workshops, community tours, public art installations and discussion panels.

Project Period

May 2019 - Jan 2022


North Point, Hong Kong

Project Lead

Hong Kong Arts Centre

Project Impact in Numbers

Project Gallery

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