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The Community Makers' Guide

What would an engagement-driven and community-centric model of urban development look like?

Let's start by zooming in at a community level! The Community Makers' Guide offers a look into our 4C Community Making cycle and features works done by pioneers from cities around the globe.


Commissioned by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), the Community Makers' Guide is geared to build on earlier experiences between the URA and Social Ventures Hong Kong, and advocate that everyone can be a community maker. It is an open notebook of the guiding principles illustrated through learned cases and practical tips for those who yearn to make a difference for better communities.

Whether you are just curious about community making as a concept or ready to apply lessons learnt to your neighbourhood / projects, we hope this Guide can be a useful starting point to you as you read, reflect and most importantly, act!


Enter your email address to download a copy of the full guide (you will be able to choose your language at the landing page):

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