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What is Community Making?

Our philosophy

We believe neighbourhood development is a continuum of hardware and software

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Through Community Making, we aspire to advance a software-first model for Generative Community Impact - an intersection where social innovation meets neighbourhood collaboration and community empowerment.

To us, Community Making also represents a shared belief in the power of communities to identify and develop distinctive aspirations in a way that can rise to the social / economic needs of its residents. It calls on all stakeholders, community or institutional players, to play their part in making our neighbourhoods a better place to live, work, and play in.


If the previous era of urban development was all about hardware, the next will be driven by software


Join us as we begin a new era of social renewal with Community Making. And everyone, including you, can be a Community Maker

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Tools and methods

Wanting to know what community making is? Take a look at the following resources to get started!

The Community Makers' Guide (coming soon)

This comprehensive guide covers all community making steps in detail and features works done by pioneers from cities around the globe. Commissioned by the Urban Renewal Authority, this guidebook is for those who yearn to make a difference in their neighbourhoods and looking for real life illustrations of how the concept can be put into action.


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