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Staunton Street/Wing Lee Street (H19)


Central, Hong Kong

Project Period

2018 - ongoing


Converge | Cocreate | Collaboration | Convert

Project Lead(s)

Urban Renewal Authority
Social Ventures Hong Kong

At the old “Thirty Houses” neighbourhood, located along the century-old Shing Wong Street and Staunton Street, a few two to three-storey high tenement buildings can be found. In response to the public desire to preserve buildings within the area, as well as Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Agenda that asked the URA to revitalize the area with consideration to its “special character and urban fabric”, the URA decided to carry out further study to promote place making and synergise it with nearby revitalisation project(s). This is the first time the URA had commissioned a study on community making to collect and generalize residents’ views and stakeholders’ expectations through a systematic, in-depth exchange and analysis.

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