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Curating Smithfield

Project Category

Project Background & Inspiration

Smithfield - an artery of Kennedy Town stretching from Victoria Harbour to Mount Davis - and its neighbouring area have transformed from city fringe to a muse filled with interesting planning stories, hopes and charm; through this project, planners are telling a good story of city transformation with town planning flavour, taking inspiration from and in collaboration with artists and IT start-ups, district councilors, and the locals

What happened in the project?

  • A Code Map drawn by local artists and sponsored by the Central and

    Western District Council to showcase the unique checkpoints and planning

    stories of Smithfield and its vicinity, based on research and interviews

    conducted and collected by planners through a series of community

    engagement exercises.

  • A self-guided tour mobile app powered by Insider Tour, with planners’

    voice-over, to guide visitors through various checkpoints along and around

    Smithfield to discover the hidden treasures and stories.

  • A photography competition to invite photographers to capture the gems

    and urban landscape of the Smithfield neighbourhood, while sharing the

    behind-the-scene community stories; winning entries to be featured in a

    calendar for public distribution.

Project Period

Smithfield, Kennedy Town


Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Project Lead

Community Engagement Committee (CEC) of Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP)

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