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HarbourChill @ Wan Chai

Project Category

Project Background & Inspiration

The HarbourChill was first opened to the public as part of the Harbourfront Shared Space Initiative co-developed by the Harbour Office of the Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government and the Harbourfront Commission and was positioned as an experimental space to invite community input to breathe life into a site that became available because of the construction of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass.

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) was engaged to test out initiatives to activate the space on a nonprofit basis and thereby creating:
- An open platform for people of all backgrounds to participate in impactful and purpose-driven public open space
- An opportunity to reimagine Wanchai’s neighbourhood identity and strengthen community bonds
- Cross-sector partnerships to scale up impact

What happened in the project?

Community Playground 

  • A marketplace and kiosk featuring snacks and beverages offered by social enterprises, in collaboration with WE+ 

  • WE! Run after-work running events in collaboration with RunOurCity 

  • Community members in Wanchai hosted booths at the Christmas Market 


Celebration with an Impact

In collaboration with event planner Triple Lips Production and Bookyay, festivals and festive-themed markets were organized on site, including: 

  • Pumpkin is coming to town 

  • Move it move it sports day 

Project Period



Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Project Lead

Harbourfront Commission
Social Ventures Hong Kong

Project Impact in Numbers


partners engaged


audiences reached via media


event participants

Project Gallery

Features/External Links

海濱休閒站 「願景帶動」的空間管理 ( (Chinese only) - Wan Chai harbourfront space opens  


SVhk’s presentation for the Task Force on Water-land Interface and Harbourfront Activation of Harbourfront Commission that details the project’s objectives, impact, public feedback and potential way forward: 20211207_TFWLHA_SVhk Harbourchill (  


- Vincent Ng, Chairman of Harbourfront Commission

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