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Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant

Project Category

Project Background & Inspiration

Hong Kong’s Drainage Services Department planned to expand an existing effluent polishing plant and improve its environmental performance in anticipation of a growing population in the Northern District; it engaged a public sector innovation consultant to facilitate the community engagement process, in the hopes of bringing additional value to the community by providing extra public space and amenities befitting to local aspirations.

What happened in the project?

Community engagement initiatives included in-depth interviews, street

booths and Design Thinking-inspired co-creation workshops, held to

understand local residents’ lifestyles and concerns regarding the plant

and to spark ideas for the future development of public co-use space

within the facility and amenities around the adjacent area.

A district-based educational programme prototype that

integrates the future effluent polishing plant with the local

community, comprising three routes of community tours, under

the themes of “Sustainable Living in Sheung Shui”, “Impact of

Water in Local History”, and “Journey of Sewerage Treatment”;

showcased and trialled in a series of public events within the


Project Period



Sheung Shui, Hong Kong

Project Lead

Drainage Services Department, The Good Lab

Project Impact in Numbers

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